Are you thinking of repairing your damaged tub or you want tub maintenance? Conroe experts offer various types of tub repairs like chips, stains, dings, cracks, and other tub damages for acrylic, fibreglass, and porcelain bathtubs. 

Bathtub Installation And Repair By Conroe Bathroom Remodeling, TX

Usually, bathtubs are generally installed in houses before complete walls. Hence, when damage is found at the ending of construction, it may not favour replacing. But are Conroe experts at TX have solutions to every tough situation!

Overlaying Bathtub Is Essential

At certain conditions, tub floor damage commonly known as stress cracks often occur after a tub is installed. Cracks also occur on the floor of the tub either from shifting or lack of support. So overlaying is necessary.

We work in historic and modern tubs. Your modern might be dated colour or cracked up from the bottom. We’ll give a revitalizing effect on your tub, turning your entire bathroom into a new effective place.

The process of overlay gives additional support. We adhere to a fibreglass panel to the bottom of the tub. Our professionals are also an expert in laying skid-resistant surfaces which adds security and safety.

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We work for the best quality of services for our clients and our clients appreciate us for that.

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